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About Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid is a 23-year-old painter from White Plains, NY. She holds a dual bachelor's degree in Art and Psychology from Ithaca College. While her artwork ranges from charcoal drawings to pastel drawings, her primary medium is oil painting. Lauren Reid’s art is about understanding herself and others while connecting the role of hurt in a beautiful life. Lauren’s paintings serve as a vehicle for social change by expressing emotion and capturing the beauty of the human experience. Lauren wants to rewrite the backstory of the struggle in life’s hardships instead of the hardships writing the backstory, accomplishing this through the development of pieces that involve people reflecting on emotions and coping with troubles. She aims to show beauty without omitting the harsh. Creating art has influenced her life by giving her a sense of who she is and is becoming. She dreams of creating spaces and experiences that will serve as both a liberation and outlets for expression.


PLEA Series

PLEA stands for the pain, love, encouragement, and acknowledgment of the general ideas that we all share about feeling comfortable in our skin without excluding any individuals. I hope that you love the skin you're in. <3


Lauren's Art Sessions

Ithaca, NY

A welcoming, comfortable environment in which people may freely express themselves creatively. “Lauren’s Art Sessions” Service provides a creative environment where you can temporarily forget about your worries. People have the option of doing an acrylic painting on canvas or wood, watercolor, oil pastel drawings, charcoal, or using regular-colored pencils and markers on paper. There is music and delicious snacks. There are also bubbles if people get stressed with what they are making. In every session, I usually get up and dance around while blowing bubbles to break the ice, so people will not be afraid to join:)
These group sessions of creating art can be transformative as they encourage people to unapologetically be themselves while having the chance to try new things and make friends. 
A chance to embrace yourself and feel relief.


“Reality is easy. It's deceptions that's the hard work."

Lauryn Hill


Artistic Services

What’s Available
Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.


Custom Paintings and Commissions

Committed to Quality

Portraits! Family portraits! Animal portraits! Album covers! Tattoo designs! Prints!

Whatever you'd like!:)


Party Face Sketches

$150- 2 hours

Any Type of Party 

Charcoal Drawings 

Old Fashion or Colors 

 Children's Parties! Baby Showers!

Birthdays! Celebrations! Weddings!


Contact for commission

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.


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